Drug store:

I am a big believer that you can put together a beautiful face of makeup for any event solely with drugstore products. Because I fell in love with makeup when I was still in high school and now that I am in college I have to get things done on a budget. So when I find a product that works well and is inexpensive, I am all over it. Foundation is one of those products that is a little bit more difficult to find one that performs as well as a higher end foundation. But do not fear, there are drugstore foundations that do just that. After years of testing countless drugstore foundations, I always end up going back to my favorite, Mabelline Fit Me – Matte and Poreless. Now, those of you with dry or combo skin do not run away, this foundation is a bit of a liar because I do not think of it as a mattifying foundation. It is more of a natural finish. It has a lot of color options so it is fairly easy to find your shade. It lasts very well throughout the day with minimal need for touch ups. I think that it looks very natural on the skin and does not look cakey. I have used this foundation for many years and I always recommend it to those looking for affordable foundation. Make sure to always set with a powder. xoxo

High End:

I sample countless amounts of makeup so when a product sticks out to me it is really something great. Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation is one of those products. From the moment I first used a sample I was hooked. Now it is rare I wear anything else. The product has a light matte finish, while still giving the skin life. It lasts like no one's business. I mean this this lasts. I have worn this makeup for 24 hours straight and still looked fresh. There is absolutely no need for touchups with this foundation and on top of all that it does not look cakey. It is rare that I find a high end product that I 100% think is worth the splurge but this foundation is. Try it and you will never turn back. Trust me xoxo

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