I have always struggled with my lashes. They are blond, which is weird because I have very dark brown hair, thin, and they go straight out and down. These three eyelash traits create a world of problems when you want perfect lashes. Over the years I have cultivated what I like to think of as the perfect recipe for perfectly curled perfect eyelashes. Try this, trust me it works. xoxo

Step One: Eyelash Curler

This is vital. If you choose to skip this step well, you might as well throw in the towel and embrace your straight eyelashes because honey an eyelash curler is your new religion. Make sure it is a fairly good brand but there is no real need to go broke over this tool. I have used many different types but currently I use Revlon. Carefully place your lashes in the clamp and squeeze then pump. Do this until the curl is satisfactory. (Bonus tip: if you are feeling particularly ballsy and are hell bent on getting a perfect curl damn it, then use a blow dryer to heat up your eyelash curler before curling you lashes)

Step Two: Mascara

My name is Sophia Ong and I am addicted to mascara. I cannot begin to tell you how many tubes of mascara I am currently holding. I have tried drugstore, high end and everything in between and I am here to tell you I have found what works for me the best. I believe that drugstore mascara is almost always the way to go. I think that overall they are better than most high end mascaras and well when you can save a little money and get the job done why not??? The one thing when looking for a mascara is that it must be waterproof. The base layer of your mascara has to be waterproof in order to best hold a curl. My favorite waterproof mascara is Maybelline the falsies.

Step Three: Application

After curling your lashes, apply a base coast of your favorite waterproof mascara. Start at the base and wiggle your way up to the top. Repeat this step for a couple coats until your lashes are separated and curled beautifully. Then take your favorite non waterproof mascara, I recommend a plastic wand that separates well, and apply your top and final coat. This will give you perfectly curled, full, and separated lashes.

Step Four: After Care

Because waterproof mascara is very drying for your lashes it is crucial that you care for you lashes. I wear waterproof mascara every day and my lashes are still very healthy and long due to my care for them. Every night before I go to sleep I apply a bit of castor oil or coconut oil to the base of my lashes as well as coating my lashes with them. Also I remove my mascara with coconut oil at night. This will prevent your lashes from becoming brittle and dry. You can also use an eyelash growth serum such as this one from Rimmel.

I hope these steps work for y’all, they certainly work for me! Let me know if you try out these tips and how it turned out! Let me know if you have any questions <3

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