Prom was truly a dream come true for me. I felt like a princess and it could not have been more perfect. I spend weeks planning every detail from the corsage to my nail color. I poured over Pinterest boards and looked through magazines until I knew exactly what I wanted. Heres my detailed look from head to toe

My Dress:

My dress was my favorite part of my look for prom. I am still obsessed with my dress. I knew that I wanted a dress that was completely unique but still made me feel like a princess and this dress did. I found the original dress at a large dress outlet for a very reasonable price. I knew that the dress was a special piece but something was missing. For a while I wasn't sure what exactly it was that was missing from making the dress perfect but I soon realized it was the volume. I searched for the perfect crinoline skirt to put underneath the dress and I bought the biggest one I could find. When I put the two pieces together it was really something special.

My Hair:

I knew that with my big princess dress I wanted my hair to be perfectly undone. I wanted it to look like it was falling gently out but would still last all night. My hairdresser did an amazing job and I couldn't have imagined anything better.


Of course I knew that I wanted to do my makeup for prom on my own. I love doing my makeup and I couldn't imagine not doing it for prom. I wanted a very girly, glowy look. I wanted the main focus of the look to be huge lashes, pink cheeks, beautiful highlight and pink lips. I didn't want dark or bright eyeshadow to take away from my dress. I loved the way that my makeup turned out.


For my corsage and the boutonnière I wanted a very simple white roses wth babies breath surrounding it. I didn't want any bright flowers to crash with the floral print of my dress. The shoes that I wore were given to me by my boyfriend. They were part of my dream promposal in Disney World and the shoes made my night so magical.

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