Eating healthy in college is very difficult. You are in a new environment with a whole new schedule and a dining hall filled with every kind of junk food imaginable. In order to maintain a healthy diet in college it takes a little bit of planning and a little extra thought, but everyone can and should do it. These are the things that I do to try my best to eat healthy in college. But no one is perfect so still order that pizza every once in a while. xoxo

The Dining Hall

When I do go to the dining hall, to avoid being overwhelmed with food choices and end up taking way more than I need, I look up the menu before hand and plan out what I want to get. I try and always get some type of vegetable, a little fruit and some protein. When you do this you go in with a plan and it is easy to stick to it. An example of a typical dining hall meal I eat a lot is: whole wheat pasta with parmesan cheese, a simple salad, green beans, pineapple and water.

Food to Keep in the Room

It might be difficult to control the food options in the dining hall, but one thing you can control is what food you keep in your room. If you keep mostly healthy foods in you dorm, that is what you will eat. It is important that you have foods that can keep for a while without spoiling because you wont eat everything at once. This is the list of foods I like to try and keep in my room at all times:




Energy Bites

Almond Butter


Kind Bars

Dried Fruit

Veggie Chips


Chia Seeds

Trail Mix

Mac and Cheese (sometimes you just need it)

Make an Eating Schedule

I think that it is very important to make a general schedule of when you plan to eat during your week. It dons have to be at completely normal hours, whats important is that it is fairly consistent. Try and eat at least three times a day and keep up with it. Life gets crazy in college and it is very important to be busy and forget to eat, and you want to avoid this. Your metabolism is very important to maintain, so make sure that you eat when you are hungry throughout the day.

Snacks During Class

It is important to bring small snacks to class so that you can eat when you are hungry and be able to have energy to focus in class. I like to bring small quiet foods such as a banana, an energy bite or a clementine. When you leave your room in the morning shove a small snack in your purse or bag just in case you get hungry.

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