1. Coconut Oil

I know everyone talks about coconut oil and it is in no way unique but I mean seriously this stuff is awesome. It is the only thing that takes off all of my waterproof mascara while simultaneously conditioning my lashes. It is far better than makeup wipes because it will not pull on your delicate skin around your eyes. I use coconut oil the most as a makeup remover but it is also amazing as a face and body moisturizer and a hair treatment. It is cheap, lasts a really long time and just amazing.

2. Castor Oil

My second beauty tip is putting castor oil on your eyelashes. I have talked about this before but I swear by it. I put castor oil on my lash line every single night and my lashes are much healthier as well as thicker and longer. Best of all castor oil is cheap!

3. Moisturizer

I can't stress enough how important it is to moisturize your face every night. When I was younger I used to think that because I had slightly oily skin and some acne that moisturizer would make it worse but that is not true at all. Every person, no matter their skin type needs moisturizer. It makes the skin look, much healthier and glowy while improving dry spots and preventing wrinkles. Make sure that the moisturizer is made for your skin type. For example if you have very oily skin, use a gel based moisturizer. PLEASE, please, please do not skip this step, your skin will thank you for the rest of your life.

4. Hair Oils

My next beauty tip is using oils to condition and repair your hair. There are many different kinds of hair oils, Moroccan, Argan, almond, etc, but my favorite at the moment is a repairing oil by Fekkai. Take a small bit of your oil and massage it into your hair, mainly on the ends. DO NOT put hair oil directly on your scalp unless you want to look like a greasy mess. It is best used to condition and repair split ends and breakage. I also use a hair oil before blowing out my hair. Hair oil is my secret to always having soft and shiny hair.

5. Don't wash your hair everyday

My last beauty tip is about washing your hair. It is extremely important to not wash your hair everyday. Only a couple times a week, if that. If you struggle with unmanageable hair that seems to break easily and doesn't grow well, there is a good chance it is because you are washing your hair too much. When you wash your hair too often, it strips your hair of its natural oils and makes it dry, brittle and frizzy. After beginning to wash my hair only every couple of days it has grown much longer, become more shiny, soft and easy to manage.

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