1) Inner Corner Highlight

Putting a small amount of white or light eyeshadow in the corner of your eye makes a huge difference in the outcome of your makeup. It immediately wakes you up and makes your face look much brighter. I always do this even if I don't have a ton of makeup on.

2) Blow-dry your Eyelash Curler

I always get questions about my eyelashes and this is my #1 secret. It is a little known trick that I do every single day. Take your eyelash curler and blow dry the cushion for a few seconds until it is warm. Test the heat by touching the curler to your lips because you do not want to burn your eyelid. Then curl your eyelashes like normal and apply mascara. The hot eyelash curler works just like a curling iron and makes your curl last ALL DAY. I swear by this.

3) Waterproof Mascara

My second tip for having perfect lashes is waterproof mascara. The same way that putting water on fresh curled hair ruins the curl, the same thing goes for water based mascara. Waterproof mascara is oil based and therefore holds the curl a million times better. But don't worry I have a tip for taking off waterproof mascara too: coconut oil. Gently rub coconut oil on your lashes and it will take off all eye makeup, even waterproof mascara.

4) Set with pressed powder

I swam competitively for years and I always used to get questions about how my makeup would stay through anything. The answer is pressed matte powder. I put this all over my face in the morning and touch up as needed and it t preserves the foundation better than anything. My all time favorite pressed powder is Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, which is less than $5!!

5) Bake with Banana Powder

I always bake under my eyes with a loose banana powder. Take a beauty blender and dip into a loose banana powder and apply generously underneath your eye after applying concealer. Leave it on while you finish the rest of your makeup and then gently dust off. This will keep your concealer from creasing and make it stay all day.

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