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I will be the first to admit I was a little crazy come prom time in highschool. I wanted everything to be exactly perfect and I'm sure everyone close to me can attest to the fact that I went slightly overboard. That being said here are a couple tips to make sure that you have the perfect prom to look back on.

1) Make your appointments ahead of time

Prom season gets crazy and everything books very quickly, so call and make your appointments as far ahead as you can. This will save you the panic of not being able to make an appointment when you want to. This includes the dinner reservation.

2) Have pictures of what you want

Don't go into a hair/makeup appointment without a good picture of want you want. You want to help your stylist out as much as possible so there isn't the heartbreaking experience of hating your hair and makeup. Make Pinterest your best friend

3) Know yourself

Recognize your personality and what will work best for you. I knew that I would have trouble trusting someone else to do my makeup because I am so accustomed to it so I did it myself both years. However I am not the best at up-dos, so I had my hair done. Don't follow what everyone else is doing, know your skills and what will be best for you.

4) Realize that not everything will go as planned

No matter how much you plan something will go wrong so rather than full out panicking, take a deep breath and let it roll off you, everything will work out in the end.

5) The day of

Wake up early, eat a good breakfast, and have fun. Absorb everything because it will go by so fast and take lots of pictures! <3

P.S. follow this order when making appointments to have the best results:

1) Nails (~3-4 days before)

2) Eyebrow wax (~3-4 days before)

3) Spray tan (~2 days before)

4) Hair (morning of)

5) Makeup

(c) Sophia L Ong - All Rights Reserved

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