To bring:

Mattress pad:

The mattresses in most dorms are very uncomfortable so it is definitely a necessity to get some kind of mattress pad or topper. You will appreciate this all year long

Extension cord:

There are not many outlets in dorms and you would be surprised how much you need to plug in. Bring an extension cord to add extra space and outlets

Some type of air freshener:

Dorms get messy and the air can get stale. Even after cleaning it can still smell very lived in. Get some kind of air freshener such as a scent diffuser or essential oil diffuser or even dryer sheets. It will make your room smell clean and fresh. Avoid strong smells and lean towards clean, citrusy smells or it will be too overpowering.

Cleaning supplies:

No need to bring a vacuum or broom, most dorms have these, however simple cleaning supplies are a must. Things such as window cleaner, surface cleaner and disinfecting wipes will be very helpful.

Exercise/ comfy clothes:

Pretty much every day you will wear things such as Nike shorts and t shirts, so be sure to bring lounging clothes and exercise clothes because you will use these way more than any other kind of clothes, trust me on this one.

Comfy pillows:

Coming home from a long day of classes you want your bed to be as comfy as possible and you want to make sure you get a really good nights sleep. Having nice fluffy pillows are really worth it in a dorm.


Having some kind of mirror you can stick on a door or a wall is very helpful in a dorm. There is not much space or get ready or to check your outfits so this will come in handy. Also it will make the room look larger.

Eye cover and or ear plugs:

Having a roommate may be something you aren't used to and more often than not your roommate will go to sleep at a different time than you. Make sure you have the essentials to be able to sleep comfortably no matter what is happening in your room.

Not to bring:

Nick nacks:

Having too much of just stuff is a real problem in dorm. Try to think hard about if you will really use something before you bring it to college. If you don't need that a picture frame or figurine or decoration, don't bring it.

Clothes for more that one or two seasons:

If you have the ability to go home during the school year, such as spring or winter break, use it. Bring only the clothes you will need for the seasons you will be at school for before going home. Then switch out your wardrobe during breaks.

Excess books and magazines:

You may think you will read all your old books and magazines but you will accumulate many from classes. With limited space, don't make the mistake of bringing things you don't need.

Iron or steamer:

I found that I rarely used the steamer and iron I had with me. Most of the time I was in a rush a couldn't be bothered. For those random, one or two times I needed one, I found someone had one I could borrow. However if you are someone that irons their clothes very frequently, you may want a mini steamer.

Lots of nice clothes:

You will not dress nicely as often as you think you will. Bring some nice things for sorority events but limit the clothes you used to wear to high school, those will be replaced with sorority t-shirts and shorts.

The bottom line is to keep things minimal, splurge a little on the things that will make your room extra comfortable and homey, but if you're questioning if you will use something, don't bring it. If you find after your first semester that you haven't touched certain things, bring them home and leave them there. Your room will be much cleaner and more comfortable if there are just the things you need.