Dry Shampoo:

There will be days when you wake up and just can't deal/ don't have time for a shower or to worry about your hair. These days are when dry shampoo is a gift from God. These days come more often than you will think so don't forget the dry shampoo.


In college there are times when you have to go from class to a sorority event to a cocktail or from a darty to a BBQ to a party so having your makeup last all day is important. I don't always use primer but on days like those, it's defiantly a necessity.

Setting Spray:

For the same reasons as primer, setting spray is a fantastic idea. It is the only thing that will combat the humidity and dancing.

Hair Spray:

Same as the two above, trust me. P.S. all three of these things are essential for rush.


I always end up going to class in a tshirt, shorts, and sneakers and most of the time I just can't be bothered with having my hair down so scrunchies are a must. They are also much better for your hair than normal hair ties. I like to buy mine at the Dollar Tree.


For the mornings after all nighters.

BB Cream:

Most of the time for class I end up just wearing BB cream, concealer and a touch of mascara. I dress up for sorority events and parties so I never want to get ready twice. Even if you think you will wear your full face of foundation everyday, bring the BB cream, you will need it.