I was sent some Jamberry nail wraps to test out recently and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality! The wraps came in a many different patterns and colors with everything from solid purple to floral. It was nice because with just a few wraps you could do your whole hand by cutting the wraps into smaller pieces. The process of applying the wraps does take a little longer than just painting your nails so you want to do this when you have a good amount of time, but the patterns are not something you could paint on your own. They are also fairly easy to apply and are thin so they blend right into your nail without looking fake. Once applied they looked very professional and natural. The wear time was about as long as normal nail polish but does not chip like nail polish does. The removal was much easier than I had expected and did not cause any damage to the nail itself. Overall I think that if you are looking for a fun way to mix up your normal mani/pedi this is an awesome product and the prices are very reasonable!

If you are interesting in trying some Jamberry products contact Kristen Ericsson at: