Primer is key for game day. Most likely your makeup will have to last through tailgates and the game, which can be hours. I recommend a mattifying primer.

Setting Spray

Because tailgates and games can get hot and sweaty, setting spray is also a must. It also helps to melt your makeup together so that it doesn't look powdery in natural lighting.

Dry Shampoo/ Volumizing Spray

For game day I think its best to have unwashed hair. It curls better and usually has more texture. I like the more natural looking hair for tailgates and darties so this works well. Add a little dry shampoo or volumizing spray to add a little more body to your hair.

Sea Salt Spray

Going with the more natural theme, sea salt spray is a great alternative to curling your hair. Tailgates are usually a different look than a frat party. Sea salt spray is nice because it adds texture and body but keeps things natural and easy for the early mornings.


Do not forget your sunglasses. Not only for style reasons but because most likely the sun will be shining right into your eyes for the better part of the game.


Because your eyes will be mostly covered with sunglasses, don't forget the lipstick. I recommend keeping it natural, like a nice nude or beige.