Everyone knows that winter is tough. It can bring up issues in your skin and hair that you never even knew were a problem. While there is no magic cure for the cold weather drying out your skin and hair, these are a few things that I do to combat the season.

Coconut Oil

During the winter, the dry air and cold temperatures really dry out your skin. I find that a normal moisturizer just doesn't give me enough so I opt for coconut oil in the winter. After showering I slather raw coconut oil all over my body and let it seep into my skin. After letting it absorb I'll apply more to anywhere that needs it. I find that it gives me a more intense hydration than a normal moisturizer.

Moisturizing Body Scrub

During the winter, the skin is usually covered up and doesn't get a lot of sunlight and air circulation. This can lead to rough texture on the skin and just overall dullness. To help this I recommend using a moisturizing body scrub. Something that has oils in it so that it doesn't further dry out your skin. The Tree Hut Shea Scrubs are really great for moisture.

Facial Serums

Your face sometimes suffers the most in the winter because of the harsh air and temperatures. Your complexion becomes much more dry and dull. I find that a facial serum really helps to give your skin the nutrients that it is craving in the winter. I really like to use a vitamin c serum. Use it underneath your moisturizer after cleaning your face. I am currently using one by Pure Biology.

Facial Moisturizer

You absolutely cannot skip using a moisturizer in the winter. You will see the difference in your skin right away. You should apply it every morning and every night. If you have acne, you should be using a moisturizer as well, just look for an oil free one or one that is made for acne. When it is really dry, I like to use a vitamin e oil as my moisturizer for ultra hydration.

Glow Face Masks

Sometimes even if you are doing all the right things, your skin still is a little dull. I like to use a face mask a couple times a week to give my skin a little extra tlc. I recommend using a vitamin c mask or a mask that is hydrating.

Facial Mist

A facial mist is a great addition to your skincare regime, especially in the winter. It is nice to spritz over your face throughout the day if you are feeling a little dry. They also have added nutrients to help with your skin's overall appearance. I love the facial mists by Mario Badescu.

Hair Oil

Your hair also can fall victim to the harsh winter weather. I usually notice extra dryness as it starts to get colder. I recommend using a hair oil. I like to apply this to the ends of my hair after I shower and in-between hair washes. It will keep the frizz down and nourish your split ends. I have a couple favorites but the one I am using right now is by Hask.