College can be very stressful and after a really long day, you want to come home to a relaxing room with a comfy bed where you can just de-stress. Since I've been in college I have found a couple tips that can make a dorm room feel as relaxing as possible.

1) All white bedding

There is something so relaxing about jumping into a big white fluffy bed and you can do that in your dorm room. I like having a white comforter with some cozy blankets and tons of pillows. For added comfort add a thick mattress topper to make your bed feel like a hotel bed.

2) Silk pillow case

I think that every girl should have a silk pillow case. It is great for your skin and even prevents split ends and frizz in your hair. You can pamper yourself while you sleep! PS silk pillow cases are not as expensive as they sound. You can find them on Amazon for around $15-$20.

3) Pillow Spray

A nice pillow spray, preferably in a scent that is relaxing like eucalyptus, is great to spray on your pillow before bed. It makes it a little more special and the aromatherapy really works to relax you.

4) Essential Oil Diffuser

In the same way that the pillow spray works to relax you, so does a diffuser. Dorm rooms can get stale because they usually don't have a ton of air flow so having a diffuser gives your room and clean and soothing scent. Some of my favorite oils are mint, eucalyptus and lemon. I love to buy mine at TJ Maxx!

5) Bed Side Table Essentials

Having a bedside table with all of the products you use before bed is a great way to make your room feel more chic. I love to keep my lip balm, hand cream, cuticle oil, eye mask and pillow spray on my side table. If you have a bunkbed like I do, they have little clip on trays that go on the side of your bed and are a perfect side table. I got mine at target.

6) Silk Pajamas

As an added little luxury, sleeping in silk pajamas makes going to bed so much more pampering. They don't need to be expensive, I love to get mine at target. Something about putting on a pair of silk pajamas just makes a long day a little better.

7) Have a Routine

I have found that sticking to a specific routine, no matter what time it is, before bed helps to get my mind in the mood for sleep. I try to do my routine every night, no matter how tired I am. I think that keeping yourself in somewhat of a routine in college makes your life feel a whole lot more put together.