I want to start a new series that showcases a product that I am obsessing over currently. Whenever I find a product that is amazing, new or old, I want to share it with y'all for a product of the moment! I am constantly trying out new products and I love sharing my favorite ones. Let me know what you think of the idea! :) Today's product is dum dum dum daaaa.......

Bondi Sand's Self Tanning Foam in Light/Medium

I have completely fallen in love with this stuff. I have always been a little scared of self-tanners that are instant rather than gradual because there is nothing I hate more than streaky, patchy, self-tanners. I really wanted a natural looking tan for a trip I was going on and I didn't want to pay a fortune for an expensive spray tan. I bought the light/medium color so that it would look a little more natural and an application mitt for easy application. I applied the tanner before I went to bed after showering, exfoliating and shaving. I slept in the tanner overnight and rinsed it off in the morning and I could not believe how naturally tan I looked. It looked so realistic, the color was perfect and there were absolutely no streaks or patches. I got so many compliments on my tan, and once I told them it was fake people were shocked- including myself! The best part is, after wearing it for a week I realized I had no weird fade offs, no patching, none of the weird, gross things that self tanners do when they come off. It perfectly faded, just like a natural tan. I have used it a couple times since and every time I have the same amazing results. I cannot recommend this self- tanner enough! It is worth every penny!

Happy tanning! XOXO Sophia