1. Sleep on a silk pillow case

This really works to keep your hair silky and prevent split ends. As a bonus it is also supposed to prevent wrinkles! I can tell an immediate difference if I sleep on a normal pillow case rather than a silk one. I like this one from amazon.

2. Braid your hair before bed

I have found that braiding your hair very loosely before bed helps to wake up with more manageable hair. I recommend using a Scrunchie so that it does not kink your hair. If you do not want wavy hair, braid very loosely to one side.

3. Always put in a leave in conditioner or oil after showering

I like to always add a little something when I get out of the shower. I like leave in conditioner or oil. I really love this Argan oil by Hask.

4. Before getting out of the shower, rinse your hair with super cold water

Right after you finish washing your hair, turn the water as cold as it will go and rinse just your hair. This seals the ends of your hair and prevents split ends and frizziness.

5. Use a deep conditioner about once a week

I really like to use a deep conditioner at least once a week to give my hair some added nutrients and hydration. I really love this new one by Garnier. If you really want to get fancy or if your hair is super damaged, I will occasionally go to a salon to get a deep conditioning treatment. This can be expensive but I like to go to student salons like The Aveda Institute, to get a discounted price.